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The Rising Influence of Women in the Wine Industry

10/30/20233 min read


In an industry often dominated by masculine influences, the role of women in the world of wine is increasingly significant, from purchasing decisions to investment opportunities. This bonus track delves into the multidimensional impact of women in various aspects of the wine business and highlights three global figures who are Masters of Wine: Natasha Hughes MW, Christy Canterbury MW, and Cathy Van Zyl MW.

The Female Buyer: Decision-Making by Tiers

_ Casual Buyers

Traditionally, wine marketing has leaned towards targeting men, particularly when it comes to high-end, collectible wines. However, research indicates that women make up a large proportion of casual buyers. These women are well-informed consumers who seek value and quality, and they often influence wine choices for social gatherings or family dinners.

_ Connoisseurs

More women are expanding their palates and gaining an appreciation for fine wines. In this category, women are not only consumers but also critics, with their reviews and recommendations wielding significant influence in both online and offline communities.

_ Collectors and Investors

Although still a minority, a growing number of women are venturing into the world of wine collecting and investing. As they become increasingly financially independent, more women are investing in wine both for personal enjoyment and as an asset class.

Women as Wine Investors: An Untapped Potential

The investment side of the wine industry remains a largely male-dominated space. However, the increasing financial prowess and independence of women signal an untapped opportunity for diversification in wine investments. The challenge lies in breaking traditional gender norms and expectations to pave the way for women to participate more actively in wine auctions, investment portfolios, and ownership of vineyards.

Spotlight: Masters of Wine

_ Natasha Hughes MW

Natasha Hughes has not only contributed significantly to wine journalism but also acts as a consultant, making her a multifaceted wine professional. Her writing and reviews have helped demystify the world of wine, making it more accessible to both men and women.

_ Christy Canterbury MW

Christy Canterbury is a prolific wine writer and a judge for numerous wine competitions. Her work has been revolutionary in broadening the narrative of wine beyond its traditionally male-centric focus, creating a more inclusive and expansive conversation.

_ Cathy Van Zyl MW

Cathy Van Zyl, hailing from South Africa, is an esteemed critic and educator. She has been instrumental in bringing attention to lesser-known wine regions, showcasing how excellence in wine production is not confined to traditional European powerhouses.


The role of women in the wine industry is becoming increasingly significant, extending from consumer behavior to investment strategies. As more women rise through the ranks, be it as Masters of Wine, critics, or investors, it is clear that the future of the wine industry is not just male-dominated. It is nuanced, diverse, and inclusive.

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GLOWw: A Platform Empowering Women in Wine

In the midst of these pivotal shifts and accomplishments, there exists GLOWʷ (Global Women of Wine), a platform dedicated to uplifting, educating, and empowering women within the wine industry. GLOWʷ is a beacon for those seeking to build connections, share insights, and pave the way for future female leaders in the wine world.

Through its initiatives, GLOWʷ emphasizes the importance of female representation, collaboration, and solidarity. By showcasing the achievements and potential of women in wine, the platform is not only altering the narrative but is also acting as a catalyst for change and progress.

To further explore the intricacies of the wine world and the indomitable spirit of women shaping its future, we invite you to join the upcoming GLOWʷ webinar, titled "Empowering the Women of Wine." Dive deep into insightful discussions, hear from industry stalwarts, and be a part of a movement striving for inclusivity and recognition.

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By uniting, sharing, and elevating, GLOWʷ and its community are showcasing that the wine industry's future is not only about the beverage itself but about the diverse and talented individuals behind every bottle.

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