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The Artémis Domaines Golden Vines® Victims of Conflict Scholarships

A Beacon of Hope for Wine Professionals

5/8/20231 min read

As a wine enthusiast and industry observer, I'm always excited to hear about initiatives that uplift and support the global wine community. The 2023 Artémis Domaines Golden Vines® Victims of Conflict Scholarships, a joint initiative by Liquid Icons, the Gérard Basset Foundation, and Artémis Domaines, is a shining example of such an effort.

This year, five scholarships will be awarded to qualified wine industry professionals who have been affected by war and geo-political conflict. The scholarships offer each winner an incredible opportunity to receive six months of paid, hands-on training at one of Artémis Domaines' renowned estates. This will provide scholars with the chance to learn new skills, hone existing ones, and continue their lives and careers despite the challenges they have faced.

In my opinion, these scholarships are not only a testament to the resilience of those affected by conflict but also a beacon of hope and opportunity for professionals in the wine industry. As someone who is passionate about the world of wine, it warms my heart to see industry-leading organizations like Artémis Domaines, Liquid Icons, and the Gérard Basset Foundation come together to create a positive impact on the lives of those who have been through unimaginable hardships.

These scholarships also highlight the importance of education and mentorship in the wine industry. By providing a nurturing environment for scholars to develop their skills, the initiative ensures that the legacy of Gérard Basset, a true wine legend, continues to thrive.

As the application period for the 2023 Artémis Domaines Golden Vines® Victims of Conflict Scholarships opens, I encourage those who are eligible to apply and seize this life-changing opportunity. Let us all celebrate and support such initiatives that promote education, uplift those in need, and, ultimately, strengthen the global wine community.

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