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6 Wineries Shine in the World's Best Vineyards Top 50 and 11 in the top 100

7/14/20234 min read

Argentina has made its mark on the World's Best Vineyards 2023 list, showcasing its excellence in wine production and wine tourism. At an exclusive event held in Rioja, this year's most outstanding wine destinations were unveiled, and Argentina has proven its leadership position in the global wine scene.

First and foremost, as the Academy Chair of Argentina, it is an honor to share the joy and pride of having eleven of our wineries recognized in the Top 100, with three of them ranking in the Top 10. These unprecedented achievements demonstrate our country's commitment to quality and passion for viticulture and wine tourism.

Bodega Catena Zapata, located in Mendoza, has earned a place of honor as the number one voted winery in the World's Best Vineyards 2023. Founded in 1902, the winery is renowned for its pioneering role in reinventing the Malbec grape variety and its dedication to producing high-quality wines. Its inclusion at the top of the list is a reflection of its legacy and constant commitment to excellence.

But Argentina's outstanding performance doesn't stop there. Alongside Catena Zapata, two other Argentine wineries have claimed top spots on the list. Bodegas Salentein, the pioneer of wine tourism in the renowned Uco Valley region, occupies the ninth position. Their focus on producing world-class wines and their privileged location in a region of great scenic beauty make them an unmissable wine destination. Additionally, El Enemigo Wines, which celebrates both tradition and innovation, has secured a prominent place at number 10 in the ranking. These three Argentine wineries in the Top 10 are a compelling testament to the potential and excellence of Argentina's wine industry.

In particular, we are pleased to highlight the remarkable achievement of Durigutti Family Winemakers, which has been recognized as the highest entry on the list. From not appearing in the Top 100 last year, they have climbed to the 13th position worldwide. This extraordinary accomplishment reflects their dedication, pursuit of excellence, and continuous passion for captivating visitors with their wines. We want to congratulate brothers Héctor and Pablo Durigutti for this exceptional achievement and for prominently representing Argentina on the global wine stage.

Another Argentine vineyard that has showcased its international standing is Bodega Colomé. Once again, it has reaffirmed its status as a globally recognized winery. In 2024, Colomé, located in the picturesque region of Salta, has been acknowledged in the Top 50. This achievement highlights the exceptional quality of their wines and their commitment to innovation and tradition.

Additionally, we would like to highlight the inclusion of Bodega Diamandes in the Top 50. Located in the Uco Valley, this winery, owned by the Bonnie family (owners of Chateaux Malartic Lagravier), has captured experts' attention and has been recognized for its oenological excellence and its ability to express the unique identity of Mendoza's terroir.

These international achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Argentine winemakers, as well as the limitless potential of our vineyards. Argentina has established itself as a top wine tourism destination, offering an exceptional experience in terms of breathtaking landscapes and world-class wines.

As the Academy Chair of Argentina, I am deeply proud of our wineries and the advancements we have made in the global wine scene. Our country continues to attract the attention of wine lovers worldwide, and these recognitions are a testament to the quality and commitment of our wineries.

In 2023, we have witnessed an exceptional level of competition in the World's Best Vineyards. Vineyards from around the world have strived to offer unique and outstanding wine tourism experiences. We congratulate all the wineries that have been recognized in this prestigious list and celebrate the diversity and excellence in the global wine industry.

It is an exciting time for Argentina, and we are eager to continue shining on the global wine stage. Our country has much to offer wine lovers and travelers seeking unique experiences. Cheers to Argentina's wine industry and its continued excellence!

María Laura Ortiz Chiavetta - Academy Chair of Argentina

Argentine Ranking in the World's Best Vineyards Top 50 2023:

  • 1 Catena Zapata - Mejor Bodega de Sudamérica y mejor del Mundo

  • 9 Bodegas Salentein

  • 10 El Enemigo Wines

  • 13 Durigutti Family Winemakers

  • 24 Bodega Colomé

  • 48 Bodega Diamandes

Other Argentine wineries within the Top 100:

  • 67 Bodega Riccitelli

  • 69 Bodega Kaiken

  • 70 Cafayate Winery (Piatelli)

  • 83 Bodega El Esteco

  • 93 Super Uco

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Source: Press Release - World's Best Vineyards Top 50 2023 and official website.

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